Igniting Christ-like change in men through experiences of radical honesty and grace.


“I can honestly say that the most important thing in my life before my Crucible weekend was me. I couldn’t have cared less about anyone else–with the exception of my wife and kids, I suppose. But even they got less of me than they deserved, and what they did get was mostly a put on front. Then I heard about The Crucible Project.

“I won’t lie. That weekend ripped me up pretty good. But from a painful, raw place, I’ve come back, and I care again. Instead of being focused on myself, I’m interested in others. I’m tuned in to my family and my marriage means more to me than ever and my relationship with God has gone to a whole new level.”


For me, the biggest impact was ‘Carpet Work’.  It was through this experience that I (with God and the help of many others) was able to identify the messages I used to believe about myself.  It was so helpful to put words to ‘how I operate’.  It brought what was once a dark, unidentified cloud out in front of me and made it clear.

So, now I know what living more freely feels like and looks like.  I no longer have to simply operate a certain way.  I can choose freedom.  It is really beautiful to have named this shadow and brought it out in the light.  My wife sees this freedom in me and I feel it often.  I am so grateful for the work that God did that weekend.


“Quite simply…I was in bondage without even being aware of it. But now, I’m free. The Crucible definitely accomplished its purpose. Like the unexpected thunderstorm that summer afternoon, the skies of my ‘weekend’ intensified and without warning, released a spiritual downpour which cleansed me, renewed me, and refreshed me from the inside out.”


“Before I started meeting with my group, I felt a bit like a lonely tree on the open range— no manly support, no one to turn to in a storm. Now I’ve got help, friends and partners in the journey. What a difference! Life’s big hurdles seem a little bit smaller, the challenges, more manageable. And that’s only half the benefit.

“Now I have the chance to pay it forward by funding scholarships for guys who may need the same love and support I’ve received. It’s exciting to know that hundreds of men like me can be helped and I get the blessing of being part of that process.”